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Datalogic DLS2000
Slot readers, built-in decoder, metal housing, double illuminating diode, red/infrared light source, single optic resolution, "good read" LED indicator and beeper, RS232 and Wedge connections... [Dettagli]
Datalogic DPS9000
Dataplus is a family of decoders studied to virtually cover all the data collection applications in both office-like and industrial enviroments, and solve with their extreme flexibility your needs of barcode data capture.Dataplus 9000 is complete data coll... [Dettagli]
Datalogic F30
Fixed position reader, metal housing, non-contact code scanning, 2 reading direction models, red/infrared light source, 2 optic resolutions.... [Dettagli]
Datalogic DLO1000
CMOS single chip bar code decoder, 80 pins SMD package, 25 MHz clock, Wand, CCD, laser, input reader autorecognition, TLL RS232 full duplex, wedge, magnetic reader emulation output... [Dettagli]
Industrial connection box, fast installation and maintenance, possibility to GET/STORE and SEND the configuration of the connected products, connectivity to Profibus DP and DeviceNet and WinHost™ configuration SW.... [Dettagli]
Intermec 9730
A universal solution for connecting data capture devices, the Intermec 9730 external decoder... [Dettagli]

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