Datalogic CATCHER

Datalogic CATCHER
Datalogic, the European leader for hand-held reader sales, offers the market a new omni-directional reader. The Catcher™ guarantees outstanding reading performance in distribution and retail applications thanks to its state-of-the-art optics and electronics. The omni-directional reading pattern of 20 lines and 1,500 scans per second assure the highest “First Pass” decoding rate, an important feature in applications that require immediate and intuitive reading. The Catcher’s™ architecture offers unique functions to the market. The advanced technology used for decoding increases the reading performance by making it easy to read damaged or poorly printed codes. The Data Editing and Data Formatting modes allow the code to be completely formatted before the information is sent to the host. In addition, thanks to the flash memory, the reader can be updated on the field, providing it with new functions and allowing it to read new symbologies. Two models of the Catcher™ are available: the Catcher™ D531 multi-interface (USB, RS232 and Wedge) and the Catcher™ D511 that combines the standard serial interface with complete connectivity to IBM46xx cash registers. Both models are provided with the “Single Line” option: by simply pressing the button on the reader, the omnidirectional pattern becomes a single line, which is very useful for manual reading of codes close to each other. The readers can also be configured in “stand-by” mode to minimize consumption when the scanner is not in use: the scanner will automatically “wake-up” when it detects a code. Confirmation of the code read is provided by a beeper that can be heard in loud environments and a bright led that can be seen even in well-lit environments. The Catcher™ is the ideal solution for “check-out” counter applications in Retail markets and “front-desk” applications in Office automation markets such as manual reading of documents, envelopes and small packages in post offices and couriers. Features
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