Honeywell MS9544 VoyagerPDF

Honeywell MS9544 VoyagerPDF
Metrologic’s VoyagerPDF is feature rich and offers the same outstanding performance found in all Voyager Series scanners. What differentiates the VoyagerPDF scanner is its added ability to decode 2-D codes such as PDF417, PDF417 truncated and RSS-14 composite (RSS-14 with a PDF417 element) bar code symbologies VoyagerPDF decodes PDF417 by sweeping the high-speed laser scan line up or down over the code gathering information from each line. Integrating a high performance processor with software designed to optimize PDF417 performance, Metrologic engineers have produced a product with exceptional scan performance. PDF codes are emerging in a variety of markets and in a multitude of applications. Many government agencies are incorporating PDF codes on driver's licenses and automobile registration cards. These cards will assist retailers with age verification particularly helpful in preventing the sale of tobacco or alcohol products to underage persons. Other applications utilizing PDF codes include national identification cards, e-Stamps, pharmaceutical and customer loyalty cards. For decoding linear codes Metrologic's patented auto trigger and CodeGate button features are used. Simply aim the laser line on the selected bar code, click the CodeGate button, and the data is transferred to the host. In addition, VoyagerPDF has built-in Flash ROM providing a fast, easy-touse method for updating your bar code scanner with the latest features • Decodes 1D & 2D (including RSS, PDF417 and PDF417 truncated) bar codes • Automatic trigger operation • Bright easy to see, easy to aim laser line • CodeGate® data transmission technology ideal for menu scanning • User-replaceable, single cable interface to host • Adjustable stand with auto standdetect • Hands free or hand held operation • Firmware updates via Flash ROM • Supports commonly used interfaces including USB • Easy programming using Windows® software or bar codes • OPOS and JPOS system compatible
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