Honeywell MS1690 Focus

Honeywell MS1690 Focus
Metrologic’s MS1690 Focusis a highperformance hand held area imager. This omnidirectional scanner decodes virtually all of today's standard bar codes including 1D, RSS, PDF417,microPDF, EAN/UCC Composite, Matrix and PostalCodes regardless of orientation. For capturing and transmitting images Focus combines a high-resolution CMOS sensor with an extremely powerful processor that provides a wide array of outputs at high rates of speed. For years, Metrologic has been designing and manufacturing fixed position industrial imaging systems that are used by some of the world's leading parcel handling companies, distribution centers, and postal services. We've taken that core technology and optical design expertise and developed Focus, a hand held device built to endure today's toughest work environments, packed with the most complete set of features, ease of use, and stylish, modern design. When designing Focus, the goal was to leap frog the competition and develop a new set of standards providing users unique, time saving, and technological advancements, meeting the needs of today's marketplace and for years to come. We accomplished this challenge and are able to introduce features such as a depth of field that ranges from 0" to 9.5" for standard 0.33 mm (13 mil) barcodes, stand detection that automatically switches the hand held scanner to a presentation scanner once it is placed in the stand, and let’s not forget the object detection sensor that instantly initiates scanning, via CodeGate, once an object is within the scanner’s field of view • Omnidirectional scanning of all standard 1D, PDF417, microPDF, composite, Matrix and Postal Codes • Captures and transmits sharp images in a variety of outputs: jpg, bmp, tiff • Rugged housing - build for the toughest industrial environments • Precision target sighting - bright laser line for quick and easy aim and shoot performance • Automatic stand detection feature for convenient in-stand scanning • Firmware update via Flash ROM • MS1690s are available in a variety of colors
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