Intermec CN30

Intermec CN30
The CN30 establishes a new standard for retail enterprise mobile computing that maximizes flexibility, optimizes ROI and results in lower investment and support costs. Based on a modular concept that allows the user to change configurations according to user preference or application requirements, the CN30 features the most forward-looking industry standards and component selection that leads to the highest possible application versatility. The CN30 performs in all ways as a one-piece unit without compromising Intermec’s standards for maximum durability through industrial-level protection against repeated drops, dirt and water and temperature extremes. The 480 x 640 (full VGA) display offers enough resolution to provide 4 times the content of conventional “quarter VGA” displays so that web-based applications are far more portable and even “full screen” applications are possible to further increase user mobility. One-touch backlight access and user selected light control make the CN30 equally suited to all lighting environments. Along with display versatility, the CN30’s Intel® processor and Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5.0 for Pocket PC operating system provide the power for an unmatched range of application possibilities from legacy terminal emulation (TE) and web browsers to full client-server and .NET developed applications. Intermec’s EV15 linear imager, which uses state-of-the-art Active Pixel Sensor (APS) technology, provides the snappiest and most dependable bar code scanning possible. The EV15 is flexible enough to flawlessly scan all common bar codes and more reliable than conventional laser scanning. High performance and secure wireless communications are enabled through a Wi-Fi certified radio, support for 802.1x standards and compatibility with Cisco networks. Intermec’s SmartSystem™ device management automates and simplifies installation, maintenance and updates. Voice communications are integrated via its built-in speaker and microphone, or a headset, which can be connected through the jack or Bluetooth**-enabled cordless headsets. A full suite of accessories is available for docking, charging, user convenience and enhanced device protection. In most cases, accessories are universal such that they can be used by any CN30 configuration
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