Intermec CK60

Intermec CK60
Power, Strength, and Speed Intermecís CK60 mobile computer provides everything demanded by the tough route environment. Battery capacity to work all day long. Rugged design to provide years of reliable service. Next generation processor and operating system to run complex application software. Non-volatile storage to protect data. CK60 does it all. Rugged Design The CK60 utilizes a magnesium top cover and tough rubber bumpers at each corner to achieve extremely rugged environmental specifications. The case is sealed against water and dust to IP64 standards to ensure years of trouble-free service. Data Storage Onboard non-volatile memory called Persistent Storage, an exclusive feature of the CK60, preserves applications and databases even if the batteries become depleted. The CK60 also offers an SDIO card slot supporting removable Storage Cards, which allows easy recovery of data from a damaged unit or even more onboard capacity for large databases. Compatibility and Flexibility The CK60 is available with either Microsoft® Windows® CE or Microsoft Windows Mobileô software for Pocket PC. Microsoft Windows CE provides significant flexibility to those customers who wish to control the user experience; Windows Mobile offers a standard platform which can easily be applied across the enterprise. Both operating systems are supported by advanced software development tools as well as Intermecís Developer Library, providing easy integration of unique hardware capabilities into custom applications. User Interface The QVGA resolution display features a touchscreen, allowing the CK60 to run both text-based applications and graphical interfaces. Mobile workers are able to quickly enter large amounts of data using the numeric keypad featuring large, easy-to-use keys and excellent tactile feel. Suitable for both one- and two-handed input, the keypad is designed to last the life of the unit. Connectivity The CK60 provides multiple ways in which data may be exchanged between the handheld computer and other devices. High-speed Ethernet, USB Host and Client, and RS232 serial connections are standard on every unit, as is Bluetooth wireless personal area communications. The CK60 may be optionally equipped with a WiFi-certified 802.11b/g radio* for local area wireless communications.
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